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::016::Out, What A Beautiful Word::

Well I'm out of that ridiculous apartment. I made a good amount of money on the shit I sold, thank god. I bought myself new clothes, gave away or threw out all of the old crap if it came from her. I don't want it. I got some new sneakers too, my old ones were beat to shit. Got some new CDs too, they're pretty good I guess. I'm not annoyed of them yet.

Yesterday I pushed around my bedroom. Moved stuff around. I don't like having my bed in the middle of everything so I moved it closer to the far wall. Computer is stuck here until I get an extension cord or something. Oh well, it's fine here. I put a lock on the TV cabinet, now the munchkins can't get it. Ha.


It's the new year already. Well shit. I knew this was coming, but hell if I wanted to face it. Hell if I know anything anymore either. I suppose I'll get fired if I don't go to work, and I'll be kicked out of school for not going in... Ugh, I just am feeling so lousy lately. Zuzu isn't taking care of me. You bastard. I'm left all alone in this stupid apartment until I get all my things moved. It's taking forever. And I don't want to just up and leave when I can still live here for, technically, free. Maybe I should have a party.

Ukon, Sakon. Want to come over? There's really only furniture left, most of everything is out at Zaku's or sold. eBay is amazing. I'll get some drinks, you can bring your awesome music collection, and we'll have a party. It'll be great.

::014::Happy Something...::

I both enjoy this holiday and hate it at the same time. I sent out mail earlier in the week, and small presents should be arriving soon to Shikamaru, Zaku, Ino, Tayuya, and Temari. Ukon, Sakon, your gifts are outside your door for whenever you open it. Happy Christmas.

To those that didn't get a gift. Sorry. I only had so much money between fixing Zuzu and keeping my mom sane.

::013::Lost With No Place To Go::

I can't believe it...

My...my mother is dead. My crazy, bitch-tastic, pain in the ass mother...

She's dead. Fucking dead.

I don't know what to do...

::012::Sweet Surprises::

Zuzu, I got you a gift. Should I make you wait until the holiday?

::011::Wake Up Call::

Well seeing as I haven't written much lately, I will. It's late, but I can't sleep so here I go...

::010::Smile For The Cameras::

I'm working today on some stupid photo shoot where I get to be half-fucking-naked. Hooray. Don't call me unless you're Zaku or have an emergency. I won't call you back. Don't even call me tomorrow or the day after. I don't want to talk to you unless you're Zaku.

To Zaku: Hey, Jerkface, where the fuck are you?

::009::Oooh Baby::


::008::Hold Me::

Thanks a lot Nara-Idiot-Shikamaru, now I want a pet. Thanks.

In other news, freaking idiot wants me to do a shoot this Friday. Why me? Seriously, when he gives me a good answer, I'll do it.

::007::One Sick Puppy::

Zaku, I won't be able to come over for the next few days since I'm sick. Ma has me locked into the house and I'm only allowed on the couch or in the bathroom. Don't come over unless you want the cops on you ass; you know how mom gets. Maybe I'll be out by Weds, I'm not sure. I can barely stand.

I love you.

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